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The focus of the Stars at the Rhine Festival Academy is the promotion of young talents and the piano – an instrument that has the capacity “to sum up and concentrate all of art”, to quote Franz Liszt. Our goal is to explore this 88-key universe and take all piano lovers on an unforgettable journey through this instrument’s spectacular realm, from the grandeur of a piano concerto to the subtleties of a solo or chamber music recital and the intimate atmosphere of an evening of Lieder. The piano is omnipresent in musical life. There is hardly a concert hall without a piano and nearly every composer wrote or writes music for the piano. Children and adults make music on keyboard instruments of all types, from harpsichords to pianos to synthesizers. For the piano is more than an instrument, it is an “all-in-one orchestra”.  To quote the piano virtuoso Liszt once again, on the piano “ten fingers of a single man are sufficient to render harmonies, which otherwise require more than a hundred instruments of the orchestra”. Liszt himself played Beethoven Symphonies on the magic keyboard, and great performers such as Sergey Rachmaninov, Leopold Godowsky, and Vladimir Horowitz carried on the tradition of piano transcriptions, which still lives today through pianists such as Rudolf Buchbinder and Arcadi Volodos.

In the events of the Stars at the Rhine Festival Academy, the piano highlights the rich palette of instruments and their unique voices. At the masterclasses for students new virtuosi get skills and profound support to carry Liszt's tradition into the generations to come. In turn, you, dear listeners, have the opportunity to discover and experience all the depth and diversity of the various musical styles!

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