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"Music – a vital part of life that helps us connect with each other and the world around us, awakens our emotions and our spirit, reminding us of our humanity." -The project that started as in 2016 with the help of enthusiastic music lovers is concentrating on promotion of young talents and widening the artistic horizon. In the seven editions of the festival we have helped launch carriers of young musicians and discover new performers and composers. In our focus is the piano – an instrument that has the capacity “to sum up and concentrate all of art”, to quote Franz Liszt. In combination with all instruments and in different formations, but also in interactions with other forms of art.

"If you really want to understand music, you have to be receptive to all the arts, because seeing how the arts interact with each other is one of the better ways to experience expression."

Anastasia Voltchok

Martha Nastia.jpg
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