Rivers flow through plains and valleys, cities and countries in perpetual, synthesizing streams.

With them, rivers bring life and change, but it is the steadiness of their flow that grounds us and makes us stop for a moment, losing ourselves in our own unique flow of thoughts. For centuries, the River Rhine, flowing through the heart of Europe, has been at the center of cultural exchange, bestowing upon us its banks and estuaries where we can indulge in self-reflection, stimulating our mind, and invigorating our spirit.
The Rhine inspired Heine to sing to his Lorelei. Goethe was deeply moved by its landscape and Wagner was fascinated by the tales and legends of the mighty “Father Rhine”. 

The Rhine also inspired the creators of “Stars at the Rhine", a classical music festival in Basel, a historical city in Switzerland famous for its humanistic tradition and its beautiful medieval old town.

The festival features prominent musicians and discovers future stars in recitals, chamber music, and orchestra concerts, presenting both classical and modern repertoire.

"We welcome audiences to enjoy the concerts in the festive summer atmosphere and during our more pensive winter edition and to celebrate music – a vital part of life that helps us connect with each other and the world around us, awakens our emotions and our spirit, reminding us of our humanity." -

Anastasia Voltchok

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Founder and Artistic Director

Anastasia Voltchok 



Anastasia Voltchok, President

Noëmi Crain Merz, Vice President

Sven Hoffmann

Catherine Sarasin


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